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…And here’s to food with an Accent. Discover more at :


Cooking is the ultimate experience of transformation – a tasty, sunny kind of alchemy. Sometimes all you need to transform a dish is a precious pinch of exotic spice, a family recipe, a turn of fortune, a chef’s vision…

The authenticity of our menu  fills everything we serve to you at Accent with instantly recognizable style. The scent of the food, even its sound – the crunch, the crisp, or the sizzle – invade your mind and your soul to evoke reminiscences of home and a throwback to your roots that stir your dearest emotions

So here’s to trying new things and adding a personal touch to everything you do. Here’s to remembering your roots, and to cooking with passion and style.

Here’s to food…
…And here’s to food with an Accent. Discover more here.


Drop by Vincent to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, opt for a drink or two as you sit back at our renovated lobby bar or try our meals while you catch up with your work. Vincent Lobby is a cozy and stylish venue for cocktails and casual fare. Guests enjoy the stylish ambience at this upscale location, an ideal venue for reflecting and enjoying an evening nightcap. Here you are welcome to have one of our signature cocktails before or after dinner. Blended and served with a tiny umbrella, with fresh and crushed fruit, flavored with spices, or made with only alcoholic ingredients, these cocktails are a total joy. The lobby bar is open 24/7.


Celebrate the wine-lover in you at the wine room of the Best Western Plus Congress Hotel. Appreciate the taste of quality wines and reach out to our sommelier here to guide you through the world of wine-making.
Best Western Congress Hotel boasts having a wine cellar of its own. Taste more than 130 wines from areas, where wine-making traditions date back to more than 6100 years. Taste the distinctive flavor of the Armenian grapes growing in the vineyards of this ancient country, where hot summers and cold winters give the wine a very rich and deep taste. Alternatively, choose a bottle from the best international selection offered at our cellar.
Join in for wine-tasting meet-ups and educational programs regularly organized at Vincent Wine Room.

Banqueting / Catering

Whether it’s a small party, reception, office lunch, intimate dinner party or exclusive event, the Congress team is ready to greet you and your guests with a welcoming smile and articulate menu for your banquet. You can book  online by sending e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected].