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Smart Working Room
From now on, you can work remotely in the smart working environment of Congress
The prices of packages are: ✅ 1 day price - 12.000 AMD ✅ 7 days price - 59.000 AMD ✅ 30 days price - 199.000 AMD In case you would like to combine pool+working activity you need to make additional payment starting from 25.000 AMD. ❗For details, please call 010 591199.
Pay 5000 AMD for up to 4 hours and get: ✅Laptop or iPad ✅Coffee, tea, water of your choice (once) ✅Comfortable corner in our lobby area Come, work, enjoy․ ❗For more details, please call 010 591199.
The "Acce՛nt" cakes presented by our hotel have come to ensure the "sweet and delicious" mood of your whole day, to decorate your happy occasions and events. Let your life be sweet with us! ❗Cake delivery is also available
We care about the safety of our guests, providing each with "Safe kits". Stay safe and healthy.
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